Archaeologist Stuart Wilson shows just a few of his many finds from Trellech
It disappeared from the map and from the landscape over 350 years ago but the city of Trellech was once a large and wealthy medieval city, thriving on iron smelting and weapons manufacture.
After studying the patterns of roads and field boundaries, archaeologist Stuart Wilson was so convinced that he had located the lost city that he bought a field in the area himself in order to excavate it.
Stuart has been proved right and he talked to the South Herefordshire Dowsers about his excavation of a medieval manor house he found on his land – with the help of some moles which, he explained, helped him to work out the line of a buried wall because they made a straight line of molehills!
The manor house had a round tower, courtyard, well and early fireplace, and has yielded finds such as coins, leather, pottery and cutlery.

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