Programme 2020

This was our planned programme – meetings were suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic but we are back! Check our home page for current events.

February 6th: Boil a Mouse in Urine… with Malcolm J. Watkins. A lavishly illustrated – if sometimes ‘horrible’ – account of childbirth and child rearing in Stuart and Tudor times.

March 5th: Dowsing and Guidance with Lisa Fullbright Cossey. Lisa will examine the different forms in which higher guidance may present itself. See

April 2nd: Locating the Battle of Hastings with Steve Dawson. Steve, himself a former soldier, has researched William’s tactics and contemporary accounts to locate the previously unknown site of the Battle of Hastings and to shed light on what happened there.

May 7th: A Tale of Connections, Synchronicity and Healing with Paul Syrett. Paul relates his own ‘Awakening Journey’ of self-discovery and healing and his insights into how our world is changing around us. See:

June 4th: Albion Dream Time – Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons with Peter Knight and Sue Wallace. Peter and Sue visited 100 natural sacred places. At each they dowsed, chanted, drummed and meditated to ‘re-enchant’ these sacred places. See

July 2nd: An Introduction to Earth Energy Lines with Rory Duff. Rory will be sharing his extensive and award-winning research into what earth energy lines are, the different types and their signatures, and how they form.

August 6th: Members’ Training Evening (Details nearer the time)

September 3rd: Freemasonry – Definitely Not a Secret Society! with Duncan Lord. Duncan will be dispelling some misconceptions of what Freemasonry is all about and presenting a brief history of the movement.

October 1st: Tarot Made Easy with Maria Wheatley. Maria was taught a Romany system of Tarot reading in her teens. She will demonstrate how easy and ‘user friendly’ this system is. Maria Wheatley is an accomplished dowser, author, tour leader, trainer and diviner. See:

November 5th: A.G.M. plus Enhance your Health and Wellbeing with Colour with Carolyn Moss. Carolyn will look at how selected colours enhance and heal via food, clothing, home décor, therapies and meditations. Carolyn is a qualified practising colour therapist based in Tewkesbury.

Please note that this meeting will start at the earlier time of 7 p.m.

December 3rd: Members’ Christmas meal.

For more detail, please download our programme here.

Please note that unforeseeable circumstances may result in changes at short notice; check here or e-mail to make sure if you intend travelling a distance.