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South Herefordshire Dowsers usually meet at 7.30 pm on the first Thursday of the month with a wide range of speakers on dowsing-related topics.
We do not meet in January and our August meeting is usually an outside visit. November is the Annual General Meeting with a short talk and December is an early Christmas lunch or dinner.
We also organise a number of day visits during the summer months and sometimes a few days away in September.

How to find us
We usually meet at the Village Hall in Aston Ingham, near Ross-on-Wye, Postcode HR9 7LS – only ten minutes from the M50 Junction 3.

Next Meeting:

June 6th: Egypt: Some Observations About Earth Energies & Other Mysteries with Kate Smart

Egypt continues to fascinate and intrigue us with the monumental pyramids and temples in celestial alignment.

For dowsers, the desert land offers a complex terrestrial map of earth energies without the ‘background noise’ of water bearing rock, soil and vegetation we associate with our British landscape. Despite the clarity of the dowsing experience the mysteries of this sophisticated culture, that spans millennia, withholds many secrets. Many of the enigmatic man-made structures were built to endure for eternity and speak for themselves. This talk explores the smallest portion of this rich dowsing experience but highlights some of the most unusual and thought provoking aspects.

Kate is a garden designer & Chair of Malvern Dowsers.


The visit got off to a great start with a warm welcome from Peter Harris, the Curator, & his wife who, very kindly, provided tea, coffee and biscuits.

The group of 11 members and 4 guests were invited to sit in the Chapel while Peter gave us a very informative and interesting history of and the connections between the Order of St. John, Knights Hospitallers, Knights Templar, the Dominican Priory, Coningsby Red Coat Hospital and Almshouses and the St. John Museum.

Peter then took us on a tour of the museum, explaining what each of the exhibits represents and where they had come from.

We had plenty of time to peruse the exhibits and ask Peter any questions before going into the garden to explore and dowse the ruined Priory, the unique friars Preaching Cross and the Rose Garden.

A very successful visit, enjoyed by all who came.

Coningsby Museum website: http://coningsbyhospital.com/

Aston Ingham Village Hall

Dowsing – it’ not just about water!

Invitations to events of dowsing interest:

Tintern Abbey Study Day, Saturday 6th July 2024

In 2023 Cadw began work on a much needed restoration project at Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire. This is likely to continue for a decade or more. The fabric of the abbey church is suffering from frost damage and previous repairs have contributed to water ingress and a general deterioration of the structure. In response to this Cadw are leading a project to stabilise the masonry and repair the damage. In 2023 an archaeological assessment was started, and a building survey commissioned. A historian, David Robinson, was engaged to compile an archive of work about the abbey, past and present. This brings together historic records and archive material from many centuries. These works are already bringing new knowledge to light. In 2023 the excavations ahead of the engineering works have allowed archaeologists to assess medieval and more recent burials in the chancel of the church. A small part of this work was discussed on the most recent “Digging for Britain” series that was aired in January.

The study day will hear from those currently working on the archaeology, building recording and history of the abbey church. It will include a tour of the site and visitors may be able to see some of the latest archaeological work as it happens.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for members of the public to find out about this major project. This Cadw programme represents a new way of working, and includes the use of novel techniques in the heritage sector.

The programme and a link to the ticket web site can be found here:

Monmouthshire Antiquarian Association Tintern Abbey Study Day at Tintern Village Hall event tickets from TicketSource

NOTE: Booking Essential!

These events are not organised or sponsored by South Herefordshire Dowsers but we think they would be of interest.

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