February 2nd: 4 Tables NOTE: 2pm Start

Bring your rods & pendulums along for an afternoon of practical dowsing activities.

March 2nd: Living Layers Beneath Our Feet with Kate Smart NOTE: 2pm Start

Kate will explore the world of deep time beneath our feet: how the earth formed and informs us.
This session will be a practical exploration of the living layer beneath our feet, and some of the magical beings that inhabit this earthy realm. The pedosphere is a complex and interconnected world that supports us in every way, but is often overlooked and under-appreciated. From it arise all plants and animals and it therefore holds the information of deep time and our ancestors. Kate is a garden designer and Chair of Malvern Dowsers.

April 6th: Water That Plays The Oldest Music with Phil Cope

An illustrated journey through the Living Wells of Britain & Ireland.
Phil Cope’s talk – illustrated with his photographs – will offer an inspiring introduction to the world of British (and Irish) wellsprings. It will explore the origins of our sacred springs, holy wells and spas, and their myriad cultures.
Phil will also be narrating some of their more interesting tales, alongside an assessment of the state of and the threats to our wellspring sites, today. Phil is a photographer & author of six major books on British wellsprings.

May 11th: Journey To Ithaca with Nicky Milligan PLEASE NOTE: Change of date!

The poem Journey to Ithaca describes a journey which I adapt to my own life journey…I will talk about that, focusing on what led me to become a Healer, Reflexologist, Reiki Master etc etc….as well as qualifying as a Nurse, Midwife & Health Visitor. I move along a middle way, drawing on what treatment suits people individually, with a great respect for orthodox medicine and complementary therapies. I do not diagnose but understand how the NHS operates.

June 1st: Meditation with Lisa Fullbright Cossey

This talk is an exploration of the many different ways that people can meditate or practice mindfulness. We look at the three mains types of meditation and explore how they differ and how each can be helpful to our mental and physical well-being. The talk goes on to explore what is meant by the term “altered consciousness”, and to look at the emerging science around brainwave frequencies and states. We discuss the use of plant medicine in achieving altered states and explore the necessity for right use of these substances. The talk looks at how our apparently individual consciousness is part of much greater fields of consciousness that meditation can open us to. Finally this talk will explore whether dowsers are accessing meditative states whilst dowsing. This talk has some basic workshop elements where the audience are invited to try out some different types of meditation if they wish.
Lisa is an experienced speaker with a dynamic and fun style, Lisa runs the Bright Lights School of Spiritual Training, teaching classes in spiritual development, healing and working with guidance.

July 6th: The Elongated Skulled People At Stonehenge with Maria Wheatley

Maria has recently discovered incredible information regarding their long, lost culture. Maria is an accomplished dowser, author, tour leader, instructor and diviner. See: www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk

August 3rd: Training Evening

September 7th: Sensing The Earth with Sue Wallace & Peter Knight

An inspiring PowerPoint talk by the earth mysteries authors, based on their latest book of the same name, which they edited and contributed to. They highlight the themes raised by the 50 contributors, from the fields of dowsing, earth mysteries, leys, earth healing, environmentalism and Paganism. These include chapters by Patrick MacManaway, Grahame Gardner, Paul Devereux, Adrian Incledon-Webber, Hugh Newman, Maria Wheatley, Gary Biltcliffe, George Monbiot, and many more!
The talk will be followed by a book-signing. See: www.stoneseeker.net

October 5th: Soul Astrology In Action with Margaret Koolman

Soul Astrology – how your birth chart helps you with Dowsing?’
Margaret will talk about how to find in your birth chart the subtle skills a dowser uses, and you can see how to enhance them. Please ask questions, and bring your chart if you have one.

November 2nd: AGM, followed by Afternoon Tea NOTE 2PM Start

December 7th: Members’ Christmas Lunch